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Throughout history we have seen many different types of food packaging materials. Ranging in size, shape, color, and material, food packaging can essentially be narrowed down into 4 main categories: metals, papers, glass, and plastics. However, not all packaging materials are created equal.

When selecting the proper packaging materials for your products, there are many factors that must be considered. Food packaging provides a protective cover or seal for the items that purchasers of your product will eventually consume. The packaging, therefore, must be best suited for promoting quality and freshness, extending the useful life of the product, storing and transporting the product, as well as providing branding and display solutions.

Let’s take a look at the most popular packaging materials, their uses, and how your company can source sustainable, quality, reliable packaging solutions for your consumable products.

Metal Food Packaging Materials

Your favorite carbonated beverage is the perfect example of a product that is protected, sealed, and transported within metal packaging materials. Aluminums and steel cans, canisters, bins, and more are often used when storing liquids and foods such as fish, vegetables, fruits, and other wet food products.

Metal food containers and storage solutions are often known for their strength and durability, as well as their ability to be recycled.

Paper Food Packaging Materials

Dating back to the 17th century, paper is one of the oldest forms of food storage and packaging. Paper packaging comes in a variety of solutions such as cups, cartoons, tubes, cardboard, and other packaging options.

Paper is typically used for dry foods such as cereals and snacks, or wet-fatty foods such as milk, butter, and other dairy products.

Glass Food Packaging Materials

Glass is considered to be one of the most dependable food packaging options for both food and drink. Glass is also low in toxins, making it an attractive option for high-end and high-quality food and beverage lines.

Glass is an attractive option for food storage due to its transparent nature. It also holds a high recycle value and can be formed into shapes and sizes that other storage materials simply cannot achieve.

Plastic Food Packaging Materials

With lightweight features, ease of use, and low cost, plastic is a favorite among many companies as a solution for food packaging. Plastic food packaging material, like glass, is incredibly versatile and can be molded into unlimited shapes. Plastic is also chemical resistant and can be molded into anything from a solid, sturdy bowl to a lightweight, transparent grocery bag.

One popular disadvantage to your typical plastic packaging material is the concern of product safety. While many companies create plastics for food packaging, not all food packaging plastics are created equal.

Food Safe Plastic Packaging Materials

Before a packaging solution can be labeled as “food safe,” there are many standards and regulations that must be met and achieved. Government regulation, industry standards, and the manufacturer’s commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability all play a major role in the final packaging product.

All of our products at Redi-Bag are FDA Compliant and Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certified.

A Sustainable Food-Safe Packaging Solution

At Redi-Bag, our company focuses on sustainability, throughout our processes as well as our products. As an organization firmly rooted in the Pacific Northwest, we understand the importance of keeping our home safe.

All of our food packaging products at Redi-Bag are produced with LDPE and LLDPE resins which are non-toxic and easily recyclable. We also offer a blend of additives to our products which help to naturally breakdown the material after use into biodegradable plastics.

We are serious about our responsibility to provide our customers with safe, clean, quality packaging, and we are just as serious about our responsibility to meet those needs sustainably.

LDPE Food Packaging Options

We understand that food packaging is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That is why Redi-Bag provides a variety of high-quality LDPE resin options to meet your packaging needs. Featuring the benefits of traditional plastics, coupled with the added benefits of safety and sustainability, Redi-Bag packaging solutions are available to meet industry specifications and customized needs.

Our product line consists of Flat Bottom Seal Bags, Roll Stock, Shrink Film, Sheeting, Gusseted Bags, Tubing, and Wicketed and Staple Pack options.

Choosing the Right Food Packaging Material

With so many packaging options to choose from, it is oftentimes difficult to determine the best food packing material to meet your specific needs. At Redi-Bag, we make the process simple by combining stringent standards, sustainable practices, and versatile materials into our food packaging solutions.

Discover the perfect solution for your food packaging needs. Members of our Redi-Bag team are more than happy to speak with you and discuss our wide range of products.