Redi-Bag has an extensive array of capabilities and the ability to produce a countless number of products for each of our trusted partners. Redi-Bag produces a variety of polyethylene film and bags of ranging sizes tailored to fit your specific needs.

Extrusion Process

In a process known as blown film extrusion, FDA approved Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin pellets are melted at extremely high temperatures. After mixing the resin with specific materials that help create the desired properties, while reaching critical temperatures, the blend is blown into large bubbles that are guided to size and specifications of each customer’s order. Once reaching a sturdy, thin, and flexible state, the mix is cooled to create a film. From there, the film can be packaged or cut according to the customer’s requirements.

There are wide ranging uses for polyethylene bags. Many of our customers operate in the Food Processing and Food Distribution industries, given our SQF certification. We have the capabilities to engineer and create bags from as narrow as 6” and as wide as 180”.

Redi-Bag has the flexibility and experience to serve an array of end-users through its engineering and production capabilities. We have the ability to work with each and every customer to produce the poly bag or film that is right for you.

The potential uses for poly bags that Redi-Bag has the ability to produce are endless. We encourage you to reach out to one of our sales representatives to talk about finding the right solution for you.

Extrusion Capabilities tailored to fit your needs | Redi-Bag

Custom Additives

Redi-Bag has the experience to fulfill the specific needs and requests of each customer, to create optimal products with their desired attributes. Custom additives that include antistatic, high strength, UV and biodegradable properties, along with FDA approved resins, allow us to optimize the capability of each of our products. We invite you to speak with a member of our team, to help you decide the right approach to fill each of your individual flexible packaging needs.


To speak with a member of the Redi-Bag team regarding our wide range of products please direct all inquiries to Customer Service at