Our Team


From our talented Customer Service team, our top-notch Maintenance Crew, our Logistics Experts,  and our incredible Production Team, our company culture creates the type of lasting bonds that make people thrive. That’s helped us to cultivate a team of experienced people at all levels of management and production. With our industry veterans we have the edge in helping new talent grow and learn from the best. That’s how we provide the very best packaging solutions to you.

Our Team Experience
Our Team Safety


We foster a culture of safety and respect at Redi-Bag. Our employees go through rigorous training upon hire and have regular refresher courses to keep up with current best practices. We work as a team and stay safe as team by encouraging open communication in our employee safety committee forum.

Since we do things the right way the first time, safety means a better product for you.


We are proud of our SQF certification, and the Redi-Bag team is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects. We know that your product is precious, and you can trust our packaging to keep it safe and fresh all the way to your customer. Our team is vigilant in its quality and testing process, ensuring that every bag is right for the job.

Our Team Quality


To speak with a member of the Redi-Bag team regarding our wide range of products please direct all inquiries to Customer Service at customerservice@redi-bag.com.