Redi-Bag is located in the Pacific Northwest just miles away from the Puget Sound. For us nature is in our back yard, and we understand the importance of keeping our home safe. That’s why we use the best sustainable practices in our facility. We make sure that our processes are environmentally sound with our in-house recycling system that takes full advantage of the properties of LDPE. All of our products are produced with LDPE and LLDPE resins which are non-toxic and easily recyclable. Additionally, our customers can have a blend of additives added to their order that helps to naturally breakdown the product after use with biodegradable plastics.

Washington is the number one state for renewable energy. The electricity we use at our facility is sourced primarily from clean and efficient hydroelectric sources, as well as wind farms.

We are serious about our responsibility to provide our customers with safe, clean, quality packaging, and we are just as serious about our responsibility to meet those needs sustainably.


To speak with a member of the Redi-Bag team regarding our wide range of products please direct all inquiries to Customer Service at